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MIDI.TrackTagsEnum method

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Enumerates meta tag strings available inside a given MIDI track of the loaded MIDI stream. Each enumerated tag string can be obtained at a later time using the MIDI.TrackTagsItemGet method. Each enumeration stays available in memory until a new enumeration is performed.


For further details about the use of MIDI protocol see the MIDI object section and the How to deal with MIDI protocol tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.MIDI.TrackTagsEnum (

nPlayer as Integer,

nTrack as Integer,

nCount as Integer

) as enumErrorCodes



short control.MIDI.TrackTagsEnum (

short nPlayer,

short nTrack,

short *nCount








Number representing the zero-based index of the involved player.


Number representing the zero-based index of the MIDI track. The total number of available MIDI tracks can be obtained through the MIDI:TrackCountGet method.


Reference that, on return from the method call, will contain the number of meta tag strings inside the given track of the loaded MIDI stream.




Return value






Negative value

An error occurred, check the LastError property value in order to get the error code

enumErrorCodes.ERR_NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful