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LoadSoundForEAX method

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Loads a song from the specified file with EAX compatible settings (Mono); After loading a song with this method it will be possible applying EAX effects.


Accepted sound formats are MP3, MP2, MP1 (Stereo or Mono) and sounds in Mono as supported by the LoadSound method.


A successful call to this method will fire the SoundLoaded event.


Note that songs loaded with this method will not have the possibility to change Tempo, Playback rate or Pitch and cannot be attached to custom stream mixers.


For further details about EAX effects take a look to the How to apply special effects to a playing sound section.





[Visual Basic]

control.LoadSoundForEAX (

nPlayer as Integer,

strFileName as String,

bFast as enumBoolean

) as enumErrorCodes



short control.LoadSoundForEAX (

short nPlayer,

LPCTSTR strFileName,

short bFast









Number representing the zero-based index of the player that will load the sound


String containing the absolute pathname of the song file to load. It can be a full path name (ex. c:\mysounds\sound.mp3) or a filename (ex: sound.mp3) if the SoundsDirectory property has already been specified.


Flag that determines if a less detailed analysis must be performed for files in MP3 format: the use of this method is indicated when you need an immediate loading of MP3 files from a network.



Return value






enumErrorCodes.NOERROR (0)

The song file has been loaded successfully.

Negative value

An error occurred: see the LastError property for further error details or for a list of the possible error values.