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CdRequestAlbumInfo method

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Given the name of an artist and the title of an album, tries to obtain titles of contained tracks and the related CD cover pictures from the Amazon catalogue.

This method obtains exactly the same information returned by the CddbRequestAlbumInfo method but it doesn't need the CD to be physically available inside the CD drive.


When requested information will become available, a CddbAlbumInfoAvailable event will be raised: at this point it will be possible:


Obtaining the CD album info through the CddbGetAlbumInfo method.
Getting each CD track title through the CddbGetTrackTitle method.


As already mentioned, this method call will also try to obtain the CD cover pictures available on the Amazon web site: in case it should find them, the CdCoverURLsAvailable and CdCoverPictureFileAvailable events will be raised so it will be possible:


Getting the URLs of the CD cover pictures from the Amazon Web Service using the GetCdCoverPictureURL method
Getting the temporary file pathname, containing the CD cover pictures downloaded from the Amazon web site, using the GetCdCoverPictureFile method.


See the How to get a CD cover picture tutorial for further details.





[Visual Basic]

control.CdRequestAlbumInfo (

strArtist as String,

strAlbum as String,

strAmazonDeveloperCode as String

) as enumErrorCodes



short control.CdRequestAlbumInfo (

LPCTSTR strArtist,

LPCTSTR strAlbum,

LPCTSTR strAmazonDeveloperCode









String representing the artist name: if it shouldn't be complete the search session would try finding the best match.


String representing the album title: if it shouldn't be complete the search session would try finding the best match.


String representing the Amazon developer code: this string is optional but it's strongly recommended that you obtain a developer code from Amazon; visit the Amazon Web Services site for creating your own account.


IMPORTANT TOPIC: starting from May 2009 the developer code is no more enough in order to access Amazon web services; from that date the access must be performed through a combination of the existing developer code and of a new secret key which is provided by Amazon itself to each registered developer. The new secret key can be requested through the Amazon control panel by accessing your Amazon account. Once you have obtained the new secret key, you can use this parameter in order to pass both the developer code and the secret key using the following syntax:




where the existing developer code and the secret key are separated by 5 '-' (minus) characters.



Return value






Negative value

An error occurred, check the LastError property value in order to see the error code meaning

enumErrorCodes.ERR_NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful.